Interested in your own customized strength & conditioning program? You’ve come to the right place.

Each option requires you to fill out a questionnaire to aid in the creation of your personalized program.

Stay Heavy Fitness Package – $200

The Stay Heavy Fitness Package is the most complete option and is the best way to commit to making a change.  This includes five weeks of strength training so you can build habits, create a routine, and start to see progress in your lifts and in your physique. The package also includes conditioning programs so you can achieve complete physical fitness. Nutrition guidance is included as well.

Lift Heavy Program – $50

If you’re looking for a new program to bust through plateaus, or just interested in trying a new style of training, this may be your option. ¬†With the Lift Heavy Package you will receive one full week of strength workouts that are tailored to meet your specific goals. This program will consider your experience and abilities, and the exercise choices will be centered around the equipment and facilities that you have access to.


Breathe Heavy Program – $50

Finally ready to give up on cardio? This package will set you on the right track to start conditioning the right way. A week’s worth of conditioning workouts to supplement the Lift Heavy Package, or to give you that final push to having a strong heart and lean physique.


Eat Heavy Program – $50

You can’t see results from your workouts if you’re not taking in the right foods, and the Eat Heavy Package will help you clean up your diet. We’ll look at what you’re currently eating and talk about ways to add in more beneficial foods while we take out the ones that are sabatoging your goals.