Stay Heavy Fitness Playlist #1

I felt inspired on my drive in this morning to share this playlist of metal magic with everyone. The plan is to keep this coming on a regualar basis – once a month or so. This playlist, and those that follow, starts off pretty easy with a song that’s not exactly metal, but the list will end up in a very dark, very heavy place. Hopefully you can find at least one song in this list that gets your heart beating. Check out the brief descriptions below the playlist to see what you’ll be getting yourself into.

You can listen to the playlist on Spotify or Google Play Music by searching for “Stay Heavy Fitness 1” or clicking on the embedded playlist below.

Stay Heavy, Support Metal, and Enjoy \m/

  1. Twenty One Pilots – Fairly Local
    • Definitely not a metal song, but if feels heavier than it has any right to.  This song is a good way to ease into the lifting mood if you’re struggling to get motivated.
  2. Massive Metal Covers – Thriller
    • Just a little carryover from Halloween (which ought to be celebrated year round). A solid metal cover of one of Michael Jackson’s more metal songs.
  3. Twelve Foot Ninja – Invincible
    • This is a super-interesting band. They own using funky, catchy verses followed by heavy-hitting choruses. Just keep repeating “I convinced myself that I was invincible!” and the lift should be no problem.
  4. Beartooth – Hated
    • I’m pretty sure this band was created just to play great workout songs. They have a nice, polished hardcore sound with some of the catchiest choruses in music today. A go-to if you’re a little bit pissed at the world (or your girlfriend).
  5. Fire From the Gods – Excuse Me
    • My brother-in-law played drums for this band years ago, so I have to give them some love. They’ve changed all but one original member since then, and changed their sound quite a bit, but fortunately it’s a pretty cool sound. This song pretty much sums up the political/social issues of 2016, but cleverly uses distorted guitars and island vibes.
  6. Periphery – Remain Indoors
    • If you like video games, this is the metal band for you. Lots of references to that kind of stuff, most of which I don’t even catch, mixed with a mastery of the djent sound. Periphery writes some complicated music which can take a while to thoroughly digest, but there are plenty of parts to grab onto your first time through.
  7. Killswitch Engage – Strength of the Mind
    • One of my favorite bands of all time. They just keep churning out heavy, positive metalcore. “Gather all your pain and suffering/ Turn them into strength and weaponry.”
  8. Gojira – Stranded
    • This is some grown-man metal right here. No fluff or fancy recording tricks, just straightforward, epic metal. This would make a perfect Game of Thrones soundtrack.
  9. Norma Jean – 1,000,000 Watts
    • Future metal hall-of-famers continuing to do their thing, but mixing it up just enough to not disrespect their classic sound. More clean vocals than they’ve done in the past, but done surprisingly well. “I feel bad that you’re angry/ But I’m sorry/ I don’t care for what it’s worth.”
  10. Metallica – Hardwired
    • The true masters of thrash metal have come back with a vengeance on this album. This sounds like classic Metallica. Fast, furious, and loud.
  11. After The Burial – Lost in the Static
    • Deathcore done right. This is where the playlist will become considerably less palatable or radio friendly. But if you’ve made it this far you might as well push through to the end.
  12. Slipknot – My Plague
    • This one is a throwback to an album that came out over 15 years ago but still holds up. It’s just as heavy today, and still angrier than anything else you’ll find. This song makes me lose my mind every time. “I don’t mind being ogled, ridiculed, made to feel minuscule/ When you consider the source it’s kinda pitiful.” This and more pissed off lyrical gems throughout this track.
  13. Black Tongue – Fauxhammer
    • About as heavy as it can get. Super down-tuned guitars and vocals, including a beautiful “BLEGH!” about 50 seconds in. The whole song is basically one giant breakdown. Keep this one in your back pocket for maxing out on any lifts.


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